Commercial build-outs are intended to make a business space more operable for the occupying tenant. Essentially, a build-out finishes an office or building space so that the business using the space can work more efficiently and effectively. The best way to go about building out office space is to contact a reliable, licensed contractor familiar with the industry you work in. They’ll be able to accurately assess the current condition and state of the office and offer sustainable solutions that will provide tenants with their ideal workspace. 

To better understand your business’s office and workspace needs, you’ll need a comprehensive commercial build-out checklist like the one provided below. For more information regarding build-out construction options for your business, connect with Stryker Construction in Reno today.  

commercial build out checklist

What is a commercial build-out?

A commercial build-out, also called tenant improvements, allows tenants of a corporate building to make modifications and additions in order to help them operate at their optimum potential. The process involves reconfiguring the layout and sometimes the structure of an existing space to make it more functional for the occupying lessee. 

A commercial build-out may be done for a new space requiring structural accommodations or previously used office space in need of retrofitting. Regardless of the type of build-out, the ultimate goal is to complete a workspace so that it functions optimally for the current tenant.   

Things To Consider Before Starting Your Commercial Build-Out 

Before jumping right into your commercial build-out, there are some considerations that need to be made first. The most important part of commercial build-outs is making sure that the space is designed to fit your business’s needs. To ensure this is the case during your tenant improvements, you would want to discuss in-depth your construction needs and wants with your contractor. Some things to consider include:

  • Who will manage and pay for the build-out? Depending on the clauses of the lease, a tenant or a landlord may facilitate overseeing the build-out. Before you begin planning your tenant improvements, it’s important to determine which party is responsible for the payment of such modifications and who will be working directly with the contractor. 
  • What costs are involved? To determine the cost of the project, your contractor will take into account the building type as well as its condition and age. All of this will be a factor in the price of the renovations.
  • How long will the build-out take? Commercial build-outs take time and the more work you want to complete, the longer the project will be pushed out. If you’re under strict time restraints, you may want to focus on the most important changes that need to be made first.
  • Who is in charge of what utilities and building improvements? Some utilities, such as the electric bill, may be shared with other tenants in the building or paid for by the landlord. In this case, it wouldn’t make sense for you to spend money or resources improving the building’s energy efficiency if you aren’t able to make back the money you put into the alterations. 
  • Do you have the right team to carry out the work? Having the right commercial construction company performing your build-out is crucial, so be sure to find the best contractor in Reno to see that your tenant improvements are handled properly. 


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Our Comprehensive Commercial Build-Out Checklist 

  • Ceilings – May consist of ceiling tiles, drywall, or Fineline ceiling 
  • Countertops – Choose from stone, marble, or wood
  • Custom Fixtures – These may be custom to your business or industry, or might include artwork, custom shelving, etc. 
  • Doors – Traditional swing-door style, sliding doors, wood veneer building doors, or custom woodwork doors and framing can be installed
  • Electrical – Each business has different electrical needs from requiring additional outlets or needing a streamlined layout, the options for electrical needs are endless
  • Flooring – Choose from carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, and more
  • HVAC – Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are essential
  • Lighting – Choose from recessed lighting fixtures, LEDs, industrial lighting, indirect cove lighting, parabolic lighting, and other custom lighting fixtures
  • Millwork – This may include factory produced woodwork such as flooring and trim
  • Networking – Your office space should include networking options to allow for simple network setup and more
  • Office Fronts – Design of the office front may include no glass, full-height glass windows with metal or wood framing, etc.
  • Plumbing – Includes standard plumbing fixtures to more advanced plumbing options for businesses like dental offices that need specialized plumbing layouts, fixtures, and tubing
  • Walls – May include woodwork, wall coverings for improved acoustics, painted drywall, or wallpapered drywall

Commercial Build-Outs with Stryker Construction

Each business functions differently and has different needs based on its specific industry standards. Commercial build-outs are designed to make an existing structure suitable for the occupying tenant to be able to conduct business accordingly. To get the ideal workspace for your company, you need the best commercial construction team to handle your build-out. Stryker Construction has over 40 years of combined office build-out experience from professional engineers, architects, and tradesmen. Together, they have helped commercial sites across Northern Nevada design and construct their ideal space with care. 

Learn how we plan and manage your custom commercial office build out