Stryker Does Commercial Buildouts Right.

  • Stryker Construction never sacrifices the quality of your commercial buildout.
  • We create relationships with our clients.
  • We always go the extra mile to provide the best customer experience. Your entire commercial buildout team is there to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.
  • We have over 40 years of experience with large-scale & per-project jobs in the Northern Nevada area.
  • We offer fair and competitive pricing.
  • We provide superior products and service while keeping within budget and on schedule.
  • Stryker Construction specializes in commercial construction.
  • Our project manager works directly with you – taking into consideration your space and its square feet.
  • As commercial build out contractors, we offer in-house design, planning, and timely construction management.
  • We are your one-stop-shop for architectural plans, design assistance, budgeting, engineering, and more.
  • We offer high quality design solutions that are contemporary, highly functional, beautiful, and crafted for your budget.

Everything from Minor Commercial Tenant Construction to Full Building Construction

We guide you through every step of the planning and construction process

Our Commercial Construction Services

Commercial Build Outs

We specialize in retail space build out, warehouse build out, office build out, and multi-family apartments – anything that is considered commercial construction. We also offer ground-up construction capability with any type of commercial building on a vacant site for your dental or medical office renovation. This includes the installation of underground utilities for the building, and pouring the concrete slab.

Commercial Tenant Construction

We work closely with you to determine your needs. After assessing your medical, dental, or office space, we get to work and remodel or reconfigure your existing commercial building space.

New Commercial Construction

Frequently, we work in commercial building spaces that were previously constructed, but never occupied. In these cases, we perform all necessary framing and installation of sheetrock walls, as well as install plumbing, light fixtures and mechanical systems.

HVAC system installation is also a priority. We handle the construction of all ducting that supplies your office with heating and cooling. We also perform all construction for cabinets and other casework, and then complete the job with the necessary finishes like carpet, paint and countertops.

Dental, Optical and Medical Office Build Outs

Construction often includes remodeling or reconfiguring of an existing commercial office and its operating spaces or new construction for a “never occupied” commercial space. In these instances, our Reno, NV remodeling contractors perform framing and install sheetrock for walls.

We then install underground and overhead plumbing to accommodate specialty dental and medical chairs and equipment, power. Next, we mount all lighting fixtures and perform all necessary mechanical work on doors and hardware. Finally, we finish the space with paint and any other finishing touches.

Design Build

Your space has been purchased or leased, we work with you and an architect to design the layout and all mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings suitable for permitting.

In-house Design

We assist you in making choices for your finishes (ex. carpet, paint, casework, countertops, tile etc.)

Space Planning

Once you find a space we assist in making the necessary improvements. Changes to an already existing space lead to effective office design and functionality.

Project Management

You have done the legwork to obtain plans, permits and subcontractors but need someone to manage the work and make sure it is completed correctly and inspected in order to receive final sign off ready for occupancy.