Remodel Your Optical, Medical, or Dental Office for Optimal Use and Appeal!

Optimize Your Office for Your Needs

Each type of office has different needs often based on the demands their industry calls for and on the wants of the business owner. In order to ensure your medical or dental office not only complies with specific industry requirements but also satisfies the desired look and feel of your company, you need an experienced, licensed construction team to help you with all of your dental or medical office buildout needs. Stryker Construction has over 40 years of combined office build out experience from professional engineers, architects, and tradesmen. Together, they have helped commercial sites across Northern Nevada design and construct their ideal space with care. If you’re interested in building out or remodeling your medical, optical, or dental office, let the experts at Stryker Construction take care of it. 

How an Office Build-Out Can Refine Your Business

Not only is your office the first thing patients see when they come in for an appointment, but it’s also the first impression patients get of your company. In any office, but more importantly in a medical, dental, or optical office, you want your patients to feel comfortable and confident when they step in for their appointment. For some, doctor visits can be stressful and nerve-wracking. Having a calm, friendly, up-to-date and well-equipped office shows your patients your credibility and attention to patient care. This will help them relax while they’re in your care and helps make them less anxious when they come in for an appointment.

Dental or Medical Office build-outs are also a great way to incorporate the latest technology and expand your business’s abilities and services to accommodate the new advances in your field. Having additional space through a Dental or Medical build-out, or utilizing your current space more beneficially, can help your business grow and succeed more rapidly and effectively. You’ll be able to work effortlessly with the newest equipment and tools which makes your office more productive and efficient. By providing your patients with a comprehensive list of services and treatments, you’re able to provide better care and reach more people who need your help.  

 Our Medical, Optical, and Dental Office Build-Outs

Construction often includes remodeling or reconfiguring of an existing commercial office and its operating spaces or new construction for a “never occupied” commercial space. In these instances we perform framing and install sheetrock for walls. This allows you to create a unique, individualized office space that works specifically for you through our Medical or Dental Office build-outs. 

We then install underground and overhead plumbing to accommodate specialty dental optical, and medical chairs and equipment, with adequate power and security. Next, we mount all lighting fixtures and perform all necessary mechanical work on doors and hardware. Finally we finish the space with paint and any other finishing touches.

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