If you’re looking to lease a commercial building, or at least part of one, for your business then you’ll likely need to consider whether the space requires a construction build-out or not. You’ve probably noticed during your search that commercial real estate can vary greatly in size, shape, and design. This often leaves certain spaces unusable to businesses in their current state, but with just a bit of construction and some tenant improvements, you can get any location to fit your business’ needs. So, what exactly is a construction build-out and how does it work? Learn more about build-outs and tenant improvements with Stryker Construction today. 

reno general contractorWhat Is a Construction Build Out?

Construction build-outs involve reconfiguring an existing commercial office and its operating spaces. A construction build-out, also called a tenant improvement, is intended to complete a raw or underdeveloped property for the purpose of making it more functional for the tenant occupying the space. Unfortunately, commercial real estate does not provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach to construction. Most commercial properties start out as large empty spaces with a few walls, doors, and windows, which does little for your company in regards to productivity. In order to turn the space into a functional work area for you and your staff, a contractor will need to come in and complete the property according to your particular industry standards and business needs. 

Executing a Construction Build Out 

The most important part of commercial build-outs is making sure that the space is designed to fit your business’s needs. To begin the process, we start with an in-depth discussion about your construction wants and needs. This helps us create the best in-house design we can and ensures all of your expectations throughout the build are met. Once the design has been approved, we’ll get to work on the permits and construction work. 

A majority of build-outs require a bit of framework and reconstruction within the space itself. In these instances, we perform framing services and install sheetrock for walls. This allows you to create a unique, individualized office space that works specifically for you. 

We then install underground and overhead plumbing to accommodate specialty dental, optical, and medical chairs and equipment, with adequate power and security. Next, we mount all lighting fixtures and perform all necessary mechanical work on doors and hardware. Finally, we finish the space with paint and any other finishing touches.

How Can a Construction Build Out Refine Your Business?reno construction company

Your workspace acts as the face of your business. Not only is your office the first thing patients or customers see when they come in, but it’s also the first impression guests get of your company. In any office, but more importantly in a medical, dental, or optical office, you want your patients to feel comfortable and confident when they step in for their appointment. By building out your workspace to accommodate your guests, they’ll get a great first impression of your facility and of your organization which can ultimately increase business.

Office build-outs are also a great way to incorporate the latest technology and expand your business’s abilities and services to accommodate the new advances in your field. Having additional space, or utilizing your current space more beneficially, can help your business grow and succeed more rapidly and effectively. You’ll be able to work effortlessly with the newest equipment and tools which makes your office more productive and efficient. By providing your patients with a comprehensive list of services and treatments, you’re able to provide better care and reach more people who need your help. 

Construction build-outs supply a wide range of benefits and opportunities to tenants, their customers, and even building owners. For a full list of build-out advantages, check out this blog on The Benefits of Tenant Improvements

Medical, Optical, and Dental Office Build-Outs with Stryker Construction

Having a great construction company handling your project will ensure that it’s done professionally, timely, in budget, and with quality in mind. For your construction build-out to go smoothly, be sure to hire a reputable contractor with years of experience, proper licensing, and a reliable team of engineers, architects, and tradesmen. 

Our professional contractors will work closely with you to determine your build-out needs and assess how we can best meet those needs. Following the assessment of your medical, dental, or office space we’ll get to work remodeling your existing commercial building space to become more functional and practical for you. We handle the entire project from start to finish including the design, the build, and the inspection. Connect with the experienced team at Stryker Construction to see how a build-out can enhance your business!

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