Incorporating multiple interior styles into one cohesive design has become a very popular interior design trend. The challenge of combining varying styles is something interior designers and even tenant improvement contractors have really focused on in recent years. One of the most desired design trends as of late is the rustic modern style. This design trend combines — you guessed it — elements of rustic design and elements of modern design. So, what does this actually look like and how does one achieve such a look for their optical office, dental office, or other medical facilities?

If you’re in the midst of planning an office remodeling project, take some time to consider your preferred design style and consult with a tenant improvement contractor for help with your commercial build-out. To learn more about rustic modern design with Stryker Construction, read ahead. 

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What Is Rustic Modern Design?

As stated above, rustic modern design combines styles from both rustic design characteristics and modern design characteristics. Though the two seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, their qualities complement each other extremely well. Rustic modern design is very minimalist and refreshingly organic.

Modern design styles utilize clean, straight lines, bold accent colors, some use of metal, an open floor plan and natural colors and lighting to accentuate the space. Contrarily, rustic design elements include very weathered and raw wood pieces, a neutral color palette and the use of natural, organic textiles such as canvas, burlap and wool. 

While the differences in these styles are discernible, the similarities are also noticeable. Modern and rustic designs both prefer a mostly neutral color palette and the use of metal is prominent. So, how does a tenant improvement contractor integrate these features into one design?

Rustic Modern Office Remodeling 

When it comes to rustic modern designs, there are multiple combinations one can make. If you prefer the modern feel that is clean and simple, you can use more elements from this type of style while including some rustic pieces like raw wood furniture. Or, if you prefer the rustic look but want to keep it modern, you may include various rustic styles in an open floor plan with clean, straight lines. Whatever your preferences are, the rustic modern design style can be modified to meet your needs and wants. 

Design Ideas From A Medical, Dental & Outpatient Surgery Center Contractor 

Rustic modern office designs are becoming more popular as they make traditional office settings feel more welcoming and offer a level of comfortability that most medical offices seriously lack. Here are some examples of rustic modern design elements that work well together:

  • Pair rustic wood tables/countertops with non-shiny all-metal light fixtures. The rustic wood finish will create a nice contrast between the flat metal ceiling feature and easily catches the eye.
  • Mix and match modern, mid-century artwork and natural pieces. Some statement art pieces such as a Brutalist wall sculpture or bright color by number painting combined with neutral-colored walls and wooden accents is a great take on rustic modern design.
  • Having an open floor plan exudes modernism. This coupled with a wood wall or wooden floors will illuminate the rustic modern design effortlessly. 
  • Brick is also a common product used in rustic modern styles. While the brick itself looks rustic and somewhat natural, it’s also a simplistic material that makes people feel like they’re sitting at home instead of waiting to see their doctor. 
  • And finally, try to make your rustic modern office remodeling design feel as cozy as possible while not overdoing it and making it too comfortable. Don’t be afraid to incorporate rugs and other textures to create layers in your space. This makes the area feel more comfortable but keeps things minimalistic and simple.

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Office Remodeling With Stryker Construction

Stryker Construction has been performing remodels and medical & dental office improvements in the Reno area for decades. If you’re in need of a dental office build out or medical office design, we’re there. Connect with us today to see how you can transform your office into a rustic modern oasis.