Take A Look At These Helpful Tips for Remodeling Your Office Space In 2022 from Commercial Buildout Contractors in Reno

By now, many of us have realized continuous change is as normal as using Google’s search engine. It only makes sense that this transformation follows us back into the workplace as COVID-19 restrictions ease. The functionality of office design is slowly becoming a vital aspect of employee satisfaction and brand image. Commercial buildout contractors are seeing a surge in remodeling opportunities as a result. 

These changes have led many companies to focus on remodeling their offices to improve employees’ sense of well-being, keep productivity high and reduce stress in the workplace. 

Here, the Stryker Construction team highlights a few office construction buildout trends to consider for 2022.

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Sustainable Remodeling Designs 

Over the last two years, COVID restrictions limited our indoor affairs, causing most of us to become outdoor enthusiasts. These social changes have made biophilic designs a popular commercial build-out for many organizations. 

Biophilic designs can improve air quality and reduce energy bills by increasing natural lighting. Show your employees you are environmentally aware by adding a few of these touches.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Remodeling contractors tap into our connection with nature by incorporating natural elements into the design of your office. Adding more windows or skylights improves ventilation and adds natural light to your office space. Clients and employees are sure to stay awhile with views of the outdoors. They will feel calm and confident even if they are stuck indoors for most of the day. 

Nature Centric Designs 

During the pandemic, commercial buildout contractors noticed an increased desire for natural materials and elements in the homes of many. Blending living spaces with workspaces are a sure-fire way to keep all employees productive. Feel free to incorporate outdoor touches such as waterfalls, plants and natural materials. These biophilic touches are a great touch for any office remodeling project. Furthermore, studies prove these natural touches have physiological and psychological benefits for all. 

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Office Buildout With Contactless Features

Mechanical Designs 

Whether your organization is welcoming clients or employees back to the office, contactless features are a must-have after the pandemic. Remodeling contractors can satisfy our social distancing needs by installing automatic doors, motion-activated sinks and electronic soap or paper towel dispensers. 

Smart Electronics

Smart electronics are a great addition to your next commercial build-out for many reasons. Not only do they help save energy, but they add a modern aesthetic feel to your office. Consider integrating systems that control lighting, room temperatures and audio controls. 

Futuristic light features give you control of any office space and provide energy efficiency. These touches allow you to adjust light intensity or automatically dim lights depending on various factors. Never worry if you forgot to turn something off with occupancy sensors that control lighting and air conditioning. 

Commercial Build Outs Optimize Noise Control

The addition of acoustic furniture or soundproof offices helps employees and clients focus on what they’re doing. Most of us have become accustomed to our homes which allowed us to control our distractions.

Commercial build-outs can use new architectural designs to improve sound reduction alongside adding a futuristic touch to your next office remodeling project. Cutting-edge flooring designs, new cushioning and acoustic furniture have improved how we work when around others.

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You dream it – we build it. That’s our motto and we make sure to deliver. With over 40 years of experience, our remodeling contractors in Reno guarantee your next project will have functionality, comfort and style. Be sure to start 2022 right by creating a space that your employees and clients would want to work in for years to come.