When it comes to your business, ensuring you remain competitive and compliant with industry guidelines is critical. In any office, but more importantly in a medical, dental, or optical office, you want your patients to feel comfortable and confident when they step in for their appointment. Office build-outs are also a great way to incorporate the latest technology and expand your business’s abilities and services to accommodate the new advances in your field. See how an experienced dental office construction company can completely transform your practice for more efficiency. 

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ADA Compliance

Working with a specialized dental office construction company ensures your business follows all guidelines and regulations set by the ADA. This is crucial to keeping your doors open and business coming in. Having the experience and knowledge that a construction company who specializes in the medical and dental industries will ensure your office accommodates all of your patients’ needs regardless of their disabilities. A professional contractor who works with many dental offices will recommend quality ADA compliant fixtures and hardware like push bars, as well as manage the width and length of all corridors for adequate clearance, and much more.   

Experience with Specific Technology, Tools, and Equipment

Dental offices typically use specialized equipment and technology in their day-to-day operations. This equipment is very sensitive and requires careful attention to install properly. Hiring a contractor that is comfortable working with this type of equipment ensures that things are installed, constructed, and maintained with the utmost care and expertise. Not only will this help the project go more quickly, but it will also limit possible interruptions and prevent damage to your highly valuable assets. 

Designed for Optimal Functionality

Having remodeled and constructed dental offices in the past gives construction companies the upper-hand when it comes time to taking on a new dental office project. Your contracting team will be able to help you design the layout and plan of your office for optimal functionality. 

Evaluation and treatment rooms will be designed to help your office work more efficiently and comfortably in their space which makes for the perfect office for you and your patients. A dental construction company will also be able to create a waiting area that limits potential patient anxiety and makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable. 

Budget Accordingly

Knowing that you have specific equipment and fixture needs, a dental construction company is more aware of the expenses you may be faced with. This will help them anticipate any additional costs and help you budget accordingly, potentially saving you thousands. Also, your dental contractor will help you determine all the necessary components of your office, even helping you avoid costly, gratuitous purchases.  

Work with the Best Dental Office Construction Company in Reno

Each type of office has different needs often based on the demands their industry calls for and on the wants of the business owner. To get the office that not only complies with specific industry requirements but also satisfies the desired look and feel of your company, you need an experienced, licensed construction team to help you. Stryker Construction has over 40 years of combined experience from professional engineers, architects, and tradesmen. We can help you design and construct the perfect dental office for you and your patients. Connect with our dental office construction company today!

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