Medical Office Build Out and Design: The Perfect Fit For Your Practice

As your practice grows, your space should be adapting to provide for any needs that you may not be meeting. Whether the flow of patient traffic is inefficient or your waiting room isn’t welcoming, a medical office design that fixes these issues will improve patient experience.

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How Can You Improve?

When preparing to undergo an office build out or redesign of your office space, it’s important to make sure your practice knows what it wants to improve. One thing to consider in your medical office redesign and office build out is which changes will benefit the efficiency of your practice.

You can do this by surveying your employees to figure out where the current medical office layout is lacking. Before you redesign your office space, focus on exactly where you need improvements. This can help you save time and money.

Tenant Improvement Options

Before deciding on what kind of medical office layout and design changes you want to make, consider your tenant improvement options if you are leasing your space. Tenant improvement options are custom cosmetic and functional changes that the building owner or lessee makes to a commercial medical office. Walls, electrical, plumbing, and many other changes typically make up basic tenant improvements.

These changes are often minor, depending on the condition of the space. Typically, in most commercial rental situations, tenant improvement options are agreed upon before the lessee occupies the space. Reach out to your building owner to establish a tenant improvement allowance for your upcoming renovations.

Creating Your Medical Office Design

Now that you’ve taken the necessary first steps towards a new medical office design for your office build out, it’s finally time to dive in to the deep end of the whole process: choosing the details of your new design.

First Impressions: Reception and Waiting Areahow to design a waiting room, medical office design

It’s common practice for medical offices to consider their reception and waiting area the most important part of the visit. The reception and waiting area can sometimes be the hardest part of a patient’s visit to your office. The thought of having to sit in a room filled with strangers can churn anybody’s stomach.

The goal of redesigning your waiting room area is to improve the patient’s overall experience. When redesigning the waiting area, consider patient traffic flow, where the reception desk is placed, the decor of the room, and even the appropriate lighting. Focus on making the waiting room an inviting and comfortable area in your new medical office design.

The amount of time patients spend in your waiting area makes the design of the area a priority. Knowing how to build a waiting room is so much of a priority that we’ve written a separate article about every detail of a good design. Your medical office design is dependent on a solid waiting room and reception area. Welcome your patients the right way and start their experience off right.

Exam Roomsmedical office design

When a patient enters your office for an examination, it’s your job as the care provider to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible, especially while they undergo evaluation. In order to do this, it is important that you provide enough space for guests of the patient and any medical supplies, all while complying with ADA accessibility rules.

The size of the exam room is hugely important to its overall quality. Every exam room can’t be a 20×20 space with room to do yoga, so a good base for a large exam room is about 11×9. This size exam room allows for your medical equipment, a computer for patient information, and space for guests.

It may also be important to consider the addition of smaller exam rooms into your medical office design. These smaller exam rooms are perfect for patients with quickly diagnosed symptoms. This can help to improve the flow of patient traffic through your office.

medical office designPlanning and Timing Design Plans

Here comes the tricky part. Being a medical care provider, it may be difficult for you to set time aside for your office to undergo a redesign. That’s where we come in. Here at Stryker Construction we offer in-house design, planning, and timely office build out construction management to ensure that you are always able to provide outstanding medical care to your patients.

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If you’re considering using a tenant improvement allowance to remodel your dental office, medical office, warehouse, retail or any other commercial office space let us know. At the very least we can lend you some extra information and educate you further regarding your office build out and design options. We are proud Northern Nevada community partners and we’re here to help! Connect with Stryker Construction today.

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