If you work in a medical or dental office, you’ve probably felt the field’s expansion over the last couple of years. Research projects this growth will increase at least 6% by 2030, so remodeling your office space now is a great way to prepare for the changes to come. With this in mind, the team at Stryker Construction put together a list of our favorite trends to help inspire your next medical or dental office design project.

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5 Medical and Dental Office Design Ideas

#1 Wayfinding

Most of us likely know the confusion involved with navigating your provider’s office during a routine visit. Whether you only visit the doctor a few times a year or the sheer size of the office is comparable to a maze, wayfinding is the answer. 

Wayfinding is a modern medical office design technique used to help guide visitors through their physical environment. Our medical office construction group helps keep your patients at ease by incorporating floor or wall indicators ready to direct your patients during their next visit.  


#2 Art and Murals 

Patients are not tools, so avoid creating a sterile environment for them to visit when at your office. Art is a great way to liven up your office space and construct a comfortable, warm environment your patients will appreciate. Integrate unique art pieces into your medical or dental office’s design and entertain your patients’ minds. 

Of course, art pieces aren’t the only way to connect with your visitors. There is a chance some of your interactions will be virtual as telemedicine increases in popularity. Consider painting eclectic murals on your walls to add a unique backdrop to all out-of-office visits. Murals help produce an inviting ambiance for those in and out of the office so everyone can benefit.  

#3 Energized Spaces

Hire a medical and dental office contractor to energize your office space. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to lift spirits and surprise all your patients during their next visit. Adding bright and vibrant colors to your medical office design is a cost-effective addition you can take to invigorate your patients’ mood every time they come to visit. 

Furthermore, consider adding new lighting fixtures to help improve all your visitors’ moods. Use tones that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere or bring in natural light to cut down power consumption.

#4 Home Comforts

Many medical and dental offices design their space to create a cozy environment. Bringing in natural elements or chic furniture invites your patients to get comfortable. Plus, adding home comforts to the office helps your more anxious patients settle in. Accommodate all of your visitors by providing them with a home-like atmosphere they can appreciate every time they come to your office. 

#5 Kid-Friendly Additions

Don’t forget to think about your littlest visitors when completing your next medical office redesign. Medical and dental office contractors can design segmented rooms with fun themes to entice your smallest visitors. Help them get comfortable when coming to the doctor by stimulating their imagination. 

Commercial contractors can also build interactive areas that take advantage of technological advancements. You can have child-friendly shows on screens that match their small stature or include game stations sure to make them feel at home. Doing this will help excite your smaller patients every time they visit your office. 

Let Stryker Construction Bring Your Next Office Redesign To Life

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